Site Launch Email Campaign

The following email campaign is to promote’s new site launch. This project includes 2 email blasts and a landing page. The purpose of the first email is to round up curiosity among our users that something new is arriving. When they click on the cta button on the email, it’ll take them to a WordPress one pager that highlights the new features and benefits of the new site. The second email is  to be sent after the site launches to let users know the new website is here. The link on this email takes them directly to the new The look-and-feel of this project is colorful and upbeat.

Pitch email campaign concepts.
Provide art direction and graphical assets to the campaign.
Landing page and email

Project Objectives:
Come up with ways to promote and inform users of the new site launch. Highlight new benefits and features of the the new website.

Current and new users who are taking courses.
Gender neutral and age 15-55

Email Blast 1

Email 1: Simple messaging with an impactful image to announce that something new is coming.

WordPress One Pager Linked From Email 1

Each section highlights a benefit or feature.

Email Blast 2

A longer email to explain what to expect in the new website.