Savitr Brochure Template

Savitr is an investment firm that focuses on green energy. They wanted a brochure template that they can send clients. They already had a company logo so I used their color palette for the layout. Another important aspect about this project is that the brochure must look and feel informational vs. promotional.

Design Rounds
Final Template

Design an informational brochure template to be used at conferences as an introductory piece. Design must reflect the company professionally and emphasize green energy.

Current and potential investors. Companies in the same industry who would like to know about the firm.

Mockup Variations

At the beginning Savitr enthusiastically requested to include a dictionary definition of Savitr in the layout. The client was very proud that Savitr is the name of the sun god in the Hindu religion. I included their request on the upper right corner of the layout. Adjacent to the logo, the content piece balanced out the header area very well. However, I suggested that the text “vedic religion” was a bit irrelevant to the context of the brochure.

Savitr-Brochure-mockup-01 Mockup 1: Color scheme is based on Savitr’s logo. I went for a more scholastic layout to be informational and professional.

Savitr-Brochure-mockup-02 Mockup 2: Rounded corners of elements to add a bit of friendliness.

Savitr-Brochure-mockup-03 Mockup 3: I felt like the existing color palette is missing a business color. Here, I introduced blue to make the layout look more official.

Final Product

The firm liked mockup 3 but without photos. They also changed their mind about adding the definition of the company name.