PPC Page with Interactive Masthead

This PPC campaign was created to advertise the DriversEd.com In-car Driving Lesson. An interactive masthead was implemented on the page to demonstrate the experience of driving with a professional instructor. The story was told through a series of slides with vivid images of various driving scenerios. Each slide moving forward gave the audience a new piece of information about the course. The content included features and benefits, a demo video, and even an easter egg coupon code. A call-to-action button was located on every segment to encourage sign-up. This was a fun and engaging way to promote the product.

Layout of the PPC Page

Storyboard of Interactive Masthead

Scene 1

The story began with the student driving away from school with an instructor. This promoted the convenience of an instructor meeting you after school and dropping you off at a safe location when the lesson is completed. When user clicked on the forward arrow, the background of the masthead scrolled to the right to create the illusion that the car was moving forward.

Scene 2

In this slide, our characters were leaving the school. The content promoted the features and benefits as a bullet list. The kites in the background were subtly animated in a back and forth motion. Trees also scrolled passed in the foreground.

Scene 3

Next, a group of students sat on the grass chatting about driving lessons with our car passing by. Their conversational bubbles were interactive and offered a link to the demo video. User can choose to play it or skip it.

Scene 4

In this scene, the student and instructor were driving on the freeway. Aside from the promotional content, the animated blimp in the background was an easter-egg. When clicked, a coupon code appeared behind the blimp graphic.

Final Scene

Finally, the residential neighborhood showed the student arriving home safely. The final content panel showed a list of DriversEd.com driving locations near by.