Site Launch Email Campaign

The following email campaign is to promote’s newly rebranded website. Before the initial launch, an email teaser is sent to customers to round up their curiosity about something new coming. The CTA of the email links to a promotional landing page with information about the exciting new features and benefits. A second email is sent as the official announcement of the new website. This time, the CTA directs traffic to the new home page.

The look-and-feel of this campaign is colorful and energetic to emphasize the excitement. Scholastic and student images are used to appeal to the high school student demographic. Showcasing the newly redesigned car wraps also adds a “cool” factor to the brand.

Email Blast #1

Simple messaging with an impactful image to announce that something new is coming.

WordPress One Pager Linked From Email #1

Each section highlights a benefit or a feature.

Email Blast #2

A longer email explaining what to expect on the new website.