Identity Design

Peak Physics Consulting

Peak Physics Consulting is a company that facilitates proton radiation therapy for cancer patients. Being new in the Proton Dosimetry Industry, they want their brand to reflect their advanced knowledge, technology, and dependability.

Below are drafts and mockups from different stages of the creative process.

Design Round 1

Concept 1 – Proton Chart

In proton therapy, a single beam of protons that targets cancer cells is represented by a line chart with a sharp peak. By incorporating this chart into the logo, it visually describes what the company does. The peak illustration and the word “PEAK” in the company name define each other. The mood is medical and formal.

Concept 2 – Periodic Elements

Concept 2 aims for a contemporarily scientific look-and-feel. The sketches imitate symbols from the periodic table. The structured edges are clean and official.

Concept 3 – Atomic Particles

Since proton radiation cancer treatment involves the science of atoms, it would be clever to incorporate them into the logo. The roundness of the particles feels friendly, and the condensed font adds sophistication.

Design Round 2

Logo Revision and Colors

Peak Physics happily agreed with the cleverness of using atomic particles in their logo. We choose blue to represent medicine and orange for strength and efficiency. Together they stood for “effective cure.”

Design Round 3

Finalized Logo and Branded Stationery

We finalized the logo during the last round of revision by placing the icon and company title horizontally next to each other. In this orientation, the logo was more efficient for in-house printing. The grayscale version was purposely simplified to just outlines for black and white photocopying.

Printed Assets

Business Card

Branded Stationery