Homepage Redesign


All websites need a homepage refresh after a few years. The DriversEd.com homepage is missing structure after various marketing initiatives. With an abundance of information presented, the page is overly busy and confusing. The look-and-feel is lost and needs to be cleaned up. This redesign project is to address existing issues and optimize conversion. Here is the previous design for comparison.

New Desktop Layout

The new layout is professional and reflective of the company brand. Instead of being busy and difficult to understand, the page is now organized and easy to scan. By adding white space and a neutral color palette, the face of the business looks instantly more competitive. Replacing overly decorated photos with a clean, beautiful image of the road communicates the company’s service to “help you get on the road.”

Additional changes:

  • Categorized content for better comprehension
  • Limited the usage of icons to appropriate places
  • Showed image of courses and offered a tutorial so the audience can have a preview
  • Eliminated unnecessary content and distributed SEO content evenly among the page
  • Offered alternative ways to help the audience find products, i.e., chat with a representative, view a list of products
  • Cleaned up footer links and moved them to “view product list section”

Desktop Mockup with Details

Desktop Wireframes

Mobile Layout

Mobile Mockup with Details

Mobile Wireframes

Tablet Layout

Tablet Mockup with Details

Tablet Wireframes