Brochure Template

Savitr Investments

Savitr is an investment firm that focuses on green energy funds. This project aims to create an informational brochure they could present to potential clients during meetings and networking. The layout must be straightforward, professional, and emphasized green energy. The look-and-feel should be informational and not promotional. They also request a design template that is flexible for in-house content updates by non-designers.

Design Version 1

The color palette of the project is sampled from Savitr’s existing logo. The 1st mockup is designed to be scholastic and informational. In the beginning, Savitr enthusiastically asks to include a definition of the word “Savitr” in the layout. They are very proud of their logo for symbolizing the sun god in the Hindu religion. The definition piece is added in the upper right corner of the layout.

Design Version 2

In this revision, a green background graphic with low opacity adds eye candy to the header.  Rectangular elements have rounded corners to look welcoming. Dotted dividers replaced the previous hairlines.

Design Version 3

Although the current color scheme is very organic and sunny, officialness is missing from the layout. For the last version, blue is introduced to the color palette. Images are added to the side.

We left out the text “Vedic religion” after it was suggested a bit irrelevant to the context of the brochure.

Final Product

Overall, the final design of the brochure is clean, informational, and sophisticated. Although the definition of Savitr is voted off, the company can express its pride through having a well-organized and professional brochure to educate its clients.