Brand Guide


The brand of a company correlates to its mission. In this case, eDriving strives to become the leader of the online driving industry. To achieve this goal, the logo of the company must be professional, recognizable, and consistent. It is the face of the corporation. A brand guide standardizes the usage of the company logo, so its appearance is always constant. The designer’s job is to define the rules that will keep the brand true. This applies to all forms of media, from digital to print. For a new corporation, building a brand guide is an ongoing process where you can learn what works and what doesn’t. This project is the early stage of defining and understanding the company’s identity.

Below are samples from the eDriving brand guide.

The Logo Font

Adequate Regular is a beautiful simplistic sans serif typeface that is both professional and legible. The neatness of the font communicates structure, while the clarity of the strokes creates a contemporary atmosphere. These aspects align with the messaging of the company: learning to drive is serious but can be accomplished through technology.

Font Details

Adding rounded corners to the font adds friendliness to the logo.

Registered Logo

The kerning between letters in the logo is the same as the width of the letter “i.” Having consistent tracking is the nuance that makes the logo look professional.

Brand Extensions

Font styling, alignment, and spacing of an extended product logo.

Logo With Margins

Margins create white space around the logo, giving it breathing room to stand out from the rest of the content.

Logo With Guides

Examples of using margins around the logo.

Brand Colors

Using a standardized set of colors throughout branded elements creates a coherent company identity. Working with a printing company to finalize the right Pantone and the digital print color is an important part of the process.

Color Variations

Here is a guide for different color background scenarios.

Color Variation Don’ts

Examples of unacceptable ways of displaying the logo. Take care of the brand by keeping its appearance prestigious.

Branded Business Cards

The business card represents the integrity of the people who work for the company. It’s the impression you leave with potential clients. It should be clean, informational, and memorable.

Email Signature (Internal, Client Facing, and Customer Service)

Similar to a business card, an employee’s signature shows professionalism. Every member using the same stylized signature demonstrates the organization of the brand.