100th Anniversary Event Web Site

Girls Scouts Heart of Central California

To celebrate their 100th Anniversary, Girl Scouts are encouraged to participate in local events to help the environment and also to earn a patch. Some of these activities include tree planting, volunteering cleanups, and non-profit developments. This website is designed to provide updates and information for these events. With girls being the main audience, the look-and-feel is entertaining and organic. The grainy background emulates the texture of recyclable paper. The color palette is earthy and green with jumpy headlines to grab attention. The tree on the homepage is interactive with roll-over elements to discover.

100th Anniversary Web Site Mockup

Home Page

The home page sets off an exciting tone for the rest of the web site.

Interactive tree with all icons shown as rollover state.

Take Action Page

This page encourags girls to “Take Action” and help out their community. As a mockup, some content were not available during the creative process.

GS 100th Patch Page

Introducing the special edition 100th anniversary patch. Helping the community is a great way for girls to earn a patch.

Plant a Tree Page

This page shows posts of Scouts who planted a tree. The “Shout Out field” allows troops to give each other uplifting messages.

Girl Scouts History Page

A page is dedicated to share the amazing history of the organization.

Liaison Page

Volunteers have always played an important role in the GS organization. This page informs them of ways they could take part.