Peak Physics Identity

Peak Physics Consulting is another company I worked with on branding and identity design. Part of the Proton Dosimetry industry, they facilitate proton radiation therapy treatment planning for cancer patients at hospitals. They were looking for a branding that highlights their technological knowledge and dependability.

3 Design Rounds
Business Card

Create idenity for Peak Physics Consulting

Round 1: Concepts

PPC-1st-01 As I was doing researching on proton therapy, I kept seeing a line graph with a peak. This chart demonstrates the single beam of protons that targets the cancer cells directly. I incorporate this visual into the logo. The word “peak” in the company name made it even more relevant.

PPC-1st-02 In this concept I used elements from the periodic table as my inspiration for the logo.

PPC-1st-03 The final concept, I thought it would be clever to use an atom to represent the logo.

Round 2: Logo Revision

Turned out Peak Physics also agree with the cleverness of using an atom to represent what they do. They also liked the colors I chose for the protons and neutron. While the blue related to medicine, the orange was powerful and effective, together they messaged “effective cure”.


Round 3: Finalize Logo