Girl Scouts Cookie Campaign

Every year, Girl Scouts Heart of Central California have a “Cookie Campaign” to help raise funding for the organization. This fundraiser, not only gives Girl Scouts opportunities to do fun things, but it also supports the entire headquarters. I am lucky to be the concept developer of this great event.

The message of my creatives, “This cookie helps girls do great things” reaches people at a deeper personal way. By using vivid photographs of actual girls from the local organization, a feeling of familiarity is created. These girls are not stock images but real girls from your community that you are helping. Putting a cookie next to them tells the rest of the story: all you need to do is purchase a box of these delicious cookies.

These campaign photos are from a combination of previous photo sessions and my own photoshoot. It was very fun to meet each individual girl and get to know their personalities. The result of this campaign was a 12% increase compared to the previous year.

Casting Call
Creatives for billboards, busbacks, gas station signage, newspaper ad spots, online ad spots and other printed pieces

Create a new campaign which inspires people to buy Girl Scouts Cookies.

Anyone who wishes to donate


Cookie Campaign Outdoor Advertising: Billboard and gas station signage

Outdoor: Bus back ads


Print: Newspaper ads


Print: Handout cards (front and back)