California Traffic School Manual

California Traffic School Manual is a printed version of the California Traffic School course from Students can take this manual home and complete the course on their own time. In order to receive credit, they have to mail in a completed final exam for grading.

Create layout of the book. Implement images that correspond to course content. Design a detachable final exam section so students can easily mail in their test answers.

Create a printed product/course that students can take their adult traffic school at the comfort of their own home.

This product was designed for students who need to take traffic school to dismiss a violation or earn an insurance discount. They are likely to be less technologically savvy, hence they need a printed book instead of taking an online course. They have a busy schedule so they can’t dedicate their time to a live class neither.
Gender neutral age 18-65 (focused on 55-65)

Layout Examples of the Manual

This book is 8’5″x11″ in dimensions and has 226 pages and 3 final exams. My take on this book is that there will be a lot of written content. To make this edition more enjoyable to read, I kept the layout clean and implemented many colorful graphics to illustrate the text.

Book Cover Book Cover Design

CATS-intro Introduction spread

CATS-toc Table of contents

Module Example Example of a module

CATS-05 Spread of Module 5 showing hierarchy of content: section title, headline, highlighted section, graphics, pulled quote, topic, and highlighted bullet points


CATS-07 Info-graphics showing statistics of topic

CATS-10 At the end of each module, students can use the space to write down notes.

Final exam booklet

Because students have to mail in their exams to receive credit for the course, I created a separate booklet for this section. My reasons behind this decisions: 1) Students won’t be confused to send back the entire book. 2) Students don’t have to worry about tearing out the pages 3) Perforating the pages at the print shop will exceed our budget. This detached section will be inserted at the end of the book.

CATS-09 Exam cover with student information

CATS-08 Sample of exam spread

CATS-11 Last page of the exam with space for notes