Bio ZY Inc. Identity

Bio ZY Inc. is a pharmaceutical company that focuses on developing In-Vitriol Fertilization drugs. Newly established in the United States, they were looking for a brand identity to represent them in the American market. They wanted a simplistic logo that conveys decency and modernism. Most importantly they wanted to appear trustworthy and ahead of the industry.

3 Design Rounds
Logo for print and screen
Business card design
Letterhead design

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Round 1: Concepts

BZY-r1-03 Concept set 1: Using a laboratory flask to represent the subject of In Vitro. Thinner font style and strokes to convey that this company is fashionable, elegant, high-end, and trustworthy. The bubbles represent a sense of movement like the particles are moving and working.

BZY-r1-01 Concept 2: BZY clients take In-Vitro drugs to get pregnant, I wanted a visual that appeals to what they desire, a child. The circular icon represented a happy child with his arms reaching out. The tilted icon added a sense of moving forward and reaching out. I like the energy this icon conveyed, very positive. I paired this icon with a more serious serif font to balance out the playfulness of the little person.

BZY-r1-02 Concept 3: This design is more serious than the two concepts. The plus symbol can stand for many positive situations. ie. an addition to a family, a positive result of a pregnancy test, or simply medical related. I also used a condensed sans serif font to add a slight modern touch.

Round 2: Logo Revision with Colors

After Round 1, they choose concept 2. The next step was to add colors to the icon.

BZY-r2-02 I added a warm orange to the child icon to add an upbeat feeling to the logo. Then I choose navy blue and a fresh green to represent nature and medicine. For version b., I added a top to the child so he is sheltered.

Round 3: Finalization

After the last revision, Bio Zy Inc. requested a revision on the colors. They wanted something more natural and health related. So, I took that into consideration and changed the colors to a much more cooler blue and  much more organic green.

BZY-Final-logo Final logo with cmyk color palette

BZY-biz Front and back of business card

BZY-letter Letterhead