Logo and Branding

Bio ZY Inc.

Bio ZY Inc. is a pharmaceutical company that focuses on developing In-Vitriol Fertilization drugs. Newly established in the United States, they need a brand to represent their identity in the American market. They seek a simplistic logo that conveys decency and modernism. Most importantly to appear trustworthy and ahead of the industry.

The creative process begins with concepting. Each idea offers a different look-and-feel for the brand. All graphics at this level are in grayscale to help clients focus on the interpretation and iconology of the logo. Once a theme is chosen, we move on to the next design round of adding details and selecting brand colors. Lastly, branded business cards and stationary are designed with the new logo..

Design Round 1

Concept 1 – Chic and Scientific

The laboratory flask motif combined with an elegant font convey a sense of chic, high-end, and scientific. The particles brewing creates movement.

Concept 2 – Family Love

The 2nd concept surrounds the idea of family love. A portrayal of a strong happy child with his arms reaching out brings energy and hope. With a more serious serif font, the logo is professional with a touch of playfulness.

Concept 3 – Modern Pharmacy

The last concept is a more formal and contemporary approach. The cross in the logo depicts a positive pregnancy, an addition to the family or simply medical related. “BZY” in a condensed sans serif font adds modernism.

Design Round 2

Logo Revision and Color Scheme

The “Family Love” concept is the winner. BioZy.Inc finds the logo visually and symbolically aligns with their core mission. Next, we experiment with different color palettes. In this example, orange adds an uplifting spirit to the child icon. Navy blue and green stands for nature and medicine.

Design Round 3

Finalization and Branded Stationary

BZY-Final-logoDuring the last round of design, a cool neutral color palette completes the brand experience. While the lighter hues (blue and green) create an organic and calming feeling, the darker shades express trust and health. It’s a beautiful combination!

Printed Assets

Branded Business Card

Branded Stationary