Forever Green Web Site

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts, girls are encouraged to participate in a tree planting project. This website was designed to provide updates and information for the tree event.

Art direction
Design and mockup website
Provide graphical elements

Create a site where headquarters can post project updates and information.

The target audiences of this website are Girl Scouts, Troop Leaders and parents.

Inspiration Board

This site should be fun and interesting but at the same time very organic and natural. I choose a color palette that is earthy but at the same time pops. The background has a grainy texture to emulate the texture of recyclable paper. The tree is interactive with roll-over elements (shown in feature image) that the girls can explore.



Splash page with tree graphics.

Information page for troops to learn more about the project.

A brief history of the Girl Scouts organization.

Updates of events and where to meet.

100th-liaison Information for liaison anticipations.